From the Pews – February 2019

Here’s a question… (Based on Psalm 32:8-11)
Some excerpts taken from: Dr. Charles Stanley, Sermon Notes

*If you had to write one sentence about how your life is counting or making a difference, what would you say?

We all affect others in one way or another, whether its family, friends or co-workers. We should carefully consider our lifestyle, words, and attitudes in communicating with those around us.
*God promised to teach us how to live as HE desires
*God’s guidance includes blessings & warnings!
*God intends for our lives to make a difference.
Jesus told His disciples… “You are the light of the world. A city on a hill cannot be hidden…”

We are reflectors of the living God– reflect Him accurately!
*We are to live in a manner to glorify HIM.
*God left the ENTIRE Church here to accomplish HIS work, not just a few gifted people. Being the light of the world is not optional… we have an obligation!
See you in church!
Sue Keasler

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