From the Pastor’s Desk – August 2020

My Dear EAFUMC Family,

I greet you all in the name of our risen Lord Jesus Christ. I now that these past 5 months have been very difficult, stressful, and painful because Pandemic was declared… something we have never imagined in our lifetime. I hope and pray that we remain as one body of Christ filled with God’s Spirit, hope, and Love. I know many of us have been asking many questions why in the world this Pandemic had to happen? This invisible but deadly enemy too us all by surprise leaving us all helpless and defenseless. No cure, indiscriminate, and killer in nature. History said that past Pandemic too countless lives and millions perished due to the inadequacy of the times. But a Pandemic in these modern times?… is such a hard thing to accept. This means things will change definitely. Normal lives out… new-normal begins. When this is over, it won’t be the same with regards to how we treat people. It is going to change how we speak , how we will , how we travel and we do business, how we worship, and also how we pray. Here is the thing…it can come back again but with a much bigger and greater impact, one can only imagine. Let’ pray that this attack will enable us to become more prepared and battle-ready just in case it strikes back. But looking at the bright side of this World-wide Pandemic I would just like to take the time to ponder and congratulate people at their worse can bring out their very best. Before… many were just too shy to show who they were. Many stars were born for the past 5 months in Social media. Many potential entertainers from singers to comedians to dancers, actors, and actresses… you can come up with a new Academy Awards internet edition. This lock down has transformed many people of all ages, all races, all gender that can out-do any of Hollywood’s best. Best picture, best director, best storyline, best cinematography, best sound… name it, they have it and… at no cost. Because of these people… time passed by so quickly. Did you ever notice April went by so fast? What else, Oh yes… best cooks and recipes shared and discovered these Pandemic times. I did not now how to cook my entire life because I am just too afraid to be in an actual kitchen, now… I live and breathe in a kitchen with nothing in mind… What’s for breakfast, lunch, and dinner? I can say I have more confidence in cooking eggs in many forms and styles. Why? Because I’m a product of a lockdown turned Chef. Orders.. anyone? I mean… many things that people did were discovered to meet the demands of this lockdown and some are planning to make thousands of dollars after this Pandemic is over. Seriously! And last but not least… I am sure you have your stories to tell… I am very glad that despite the negative outcome of this Pandemic, people became creative especially to all people of Faith. The mandate of social distancing created a Spiritual Pandemic of how the gospel is being preached in fact, more people are hearing the good news to the far corners of the world which is the command of Jesus before leaving earth found in Matthew 28. I now it will be difficult for others especially those none-Tech-i people. I am one of those none Tech-y guys, but since I have to change my mindset, I can say… I was forced to learn these gadgets for the glory of GOD. I liked it and I have no plans of stopping even if this Pandemic will end. People have started to pray and pray with… heart. Many have been bombarded with the significance of the bible in these trying times and have called to arms to use the word of God to battle boredom, high anxiety, and depression. Many have changed their hearts for God and that to me is the ultimate praise of this Pandemic. I have to be honest, this Pandemic gave me uncertainties, but it taught me about who God is and how God made this for the good to those who love HIM and was called for His purpose. Praise be to God in Jesus Christ. Before I close, I would just like to take this opportunity to hail the unsung heroes of this Pandemic. For a very, very, long time, their careers have been branded as one of those stable jobs. If done right… the returns are overwhelming. But this is not about their careers anymore. Our FRONTLINERS, FIRST RESPONDERS, MILITARY AND ESSENTIAL WORKERS who… to this day have been working tirelessly. Giving every- thing they’ve got, forgetting themselves so that others might live. 

I do not now about you, but I encouraged y’all to keep on remembering these brave men and women of Scrub, mas , gloves and head coverings, Men and woman in Uniform, those working in Groceries, Pharmacies, ban s, and other essential working environments to be prayed for every day for strength, endurance and protection that no Covid-19 should ever come to them, that no sickness even death can ever touch their precious and vital lives because if these brothers and sisters of ours will get the virus… who they’re gonna call? Us none-essentials? Thin about that! We were all as ed to stay in our homes for a reason. Not because we are on vacation but we are in our homes because we are part of saving other people’s lives. By staying home, we prevent the spread of the virus. By washing our hands can ill the virus. Faithfully praying to God for healing and protection for these people including us can bring us closer to freedom and the end of the Pandemic. Than you all for your help and prayers. I will remain in prayer to the very end for the glory of our Lord. In the name of the Father and of the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen 

Edward Granadosin Pastor East Alton First UMC

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