HELP for floods

As you already know about the flooding and devastation left behind hurricane Harvey in Houston, and now in Louisiana, we need to help them in any way that we can.  The Midwest Mission Distribution Center is where we send our donations.  Their address is; MMDC at POBox56 in Chatham, IL 62629, or send them to East Alton First United Methodist Church 1001 3rd Street, East Alton, Illinois 62404 and mark it Harvey.                       The Midwest Mission Distribution Center is with the United Methodist Church, and its sole mission is helping those in need.  Contrary to belief, MMDC is usually the first ones on the scene of a tragedy, i.e. Houston Texas. They are taking donations NOW and they need our help.  Please send what you can as no donation is too small.  38 people have lost their lives and there is possibly they have not found as yet.  Also I heard this morning’s news cast there is the danger of snakes and alligators as the water is beginning recede.                PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE help those who need help and have lost everything.                      Thank You

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