Gleanings from Our Pastor – January 2018

HAPPY NEW YEAR!. 2018 is here and with new hopes and dreams,
along with our continued hopes and dreams. New Year resolutions that rarely
get fulfilled, or not even made.
A new year that feels no different than the past new years. We still have
strife in our world. We still have child abductions. We still have mass shootings
etc. So what is so special about 2018.
If we look at what is happening today there is nothing special for the year
2018 or any other new year in the future. Oh but there is a lot that can change
that starts within each and everyone of us.
First we have one another. Friends that we can trust and love. Friends
that love us and willing to help whenever they can. We have our families. Yes,
families can be a royal pain in the neck, but they are still our family given to us
by God.
Then we have our church family. A family that argues, disagrees and not
very likable at times (like our blood families) and yet we find them with us with
compassion and love.
I know I have experienced this love and so have many of you. This family
of Christians the love us no matter we might have have done wrong. They
will chastise us, discipline us, and even love us but not like us for a while.
The most important of all hopes and dreams is our Lord Jesus Christ. The
hope that someday God will declare peace in the world. The dream of everyone
getting along with each other. The hope of that in the name of Jesus all diseases
will be cured. The dream of a world where death is no more. Tears no longer
shed. Hatred is never felt, and love is forever for all.
This is my hope and my dream. I know that according to the scriptures,
we may never find this hope and dream. I do know, however, there is a world
that exists with a name called “Heaven”.
Have a happy New Year and may you share the same hope and dream
with me.
In Spiritual truth and love
Pastor Keith Michaels

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