At East Alton First Untied Methodist we understand how important it is to continue to grow your faith. Making the time to study and learn more about the Bible and Christian living helps make those who come to Sunday Classes more energized for the week to come. Forget that thought that Sunday School is just for kids... It is great for kids! But it is great for adults, too!

Anyone involved in an adult class will tell you that the benefits of friendship, fellowship and an increased understanding of who they are and who they want to be as Christians far exceeds anything. If you want to know more about the Bible…..If you want to meet more people ……If you want to explore more about your faith, a Sunday Class could be the place for you. No previous knowledge about the Bible or anything else is required. Our church has four classes for adults each week  We offer several groups of all ages and depths; and we are sure you will find your perfect fit.  Please feel free to review our classes to find your next home.