Every year our church participates in a summer camping ministry for kids of all ages.  It is a great opportunity to connect to God, nature, and teach with Christian beliefs.  The camping ministry supports summer programs for spiritual formation in the Christian tradition, and is open to all. As members of The Illinois Great Rivers Conference we support Little Grassy Camp and there are multitudes of ways you can be a participant and or partner in the summer camping ministry. Here are a few:

You are never too old or too young to go to camp! The Illinois Great Rivers Conference offers camping experiences for all school age children as well as intergenerational camps that appealed to parent and grandparent – types along with children who are old enough to enjoy games, crafts, swimming, and warship. All your options are described at

Volunteers at summer camps is a great way to use your gifts, make a difference, and have fun while you're doing it. Volunteers are generally persons 18 years of age or older, although younger teens can help with small children. There are a variety of places were volunteers are needed: teaching, providing expertise (like nursing, photography, or nature study), supervising, dining, maintenance, cleaning, lifeguarding, and administration, just to name a few. If you have a spiritual gift and we know you all do and want to give a few days, a week, or even more to a worthy cause, please contact the Camping office at 217–529-3007.

If you aren't able to come to camp, you can still help. Our camping ministry is always in need of financial support to provide scholarships for campers to attend camp. Please contact our church office or Shelly Harvey at to make your contribution.

If one of your gifts is the gift of prayer, the Illinois Great River Conference summer camps need you! Prayers can be lifted up in your private devotional time for campers attending from your church, all campers, campers with special needs, particular programs, volunteered and paid staff, safety, transformative experiences, and even the weather.

For more information on our camping ministry please reach out to Shelly Harvey at











About Little Grassy

Little Grassy Camp is located south of Carbondale, IL, on 190 acres of hills and trees and nestles up against the Shawnee National Forest. With its bluffs and imposing rock formations, Little Grassy provides opportunities for rock-climbing and rappelling, caving and hiking, as well as swimming and other traditional camp and retreat activities.

Little Grassy is a United Methodist Church Camp and Retreat Center that had its beginnings as a wilderness camp in the late 1940's. The Little Grassy Camp, built on a ridge overlooking the lake, includes a hotel-style lodge, a dining hall with a meeting room furnished with cozy furniture and fireplace.  There are other retreat lodges and cabins most of which are climate-controlled.

Please visit their website to learn more about the camp at: