January 2018


Big Wednesday Returns…
The second semester of Big Wednesdays will resume after the New Year.

On Wednesday, January 24th, 3rd-5th graders will start their portion of the Big Wednesday program. Volunteers are needed to provide a safe ratio of adult to children, and it is important that people sign up to do so. If you are willing to give approximately 2.5 hours of your time on Wednesday afternoons (even if it is only occasionally!), your help is needed. This ministry opens our church doors to the children that are right here in our community, and allows them to connect with Christ, receive homework help, and an after school snack once a week.

Pancake Brunch
Hungry? Let the youth cook you brunch on Sunday, February 4th after service. This is a fundraiser for the youth and their budget for the 2018 year. Donations to the youth are appreciated!


The Gift Card Project
The Gift Card Project brings about $300 each month towards the current expenses of the church. Sandy Fosha has worked faith-fully to maintain this program for the past few years, but now she feels it is time to step down and train someone else to coordinate this program. If you think that you are this person, please see Sandy so that she can fill you in on the details about how the program works and the amount of time that is used to keep this program running smoothly.


Beginning on January 8th, Care Team will meet at 10am in the church library.

We hope that the later start time will bring out a few new people. Some people move slowly in the mornings, especially in the winter months. If 9am was too early for you, give us a visit at 10am.

Coffee will still be served!



If you /your family has an idea for programming, Bible study, music possibilities, fundraising, children’s activities & other fun, community outreach & spreading God’s Word, etc.

– please let Sue Keasler (Lay Leader) know.
Administrative Council started to “brainstorm” at the December meeting, so a list has be-gun. There will be a place on the bulletin board for your ideas, also. Ideas will be looked at and brought to the Administrative Council’s attention for consideration and possible implantation IF realistic & available volunteers & resources are available. We still have several ministries each week who still need more volunteers. Additional ideas for growing our church means additional volunteers & workers, and sometimes resources. Always pray for your church. Remember– God doesn’t call the qualified, He qualifies the Call.



St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital wants the fronts of your discarded greeting cards. Please place in the appropriate box on the table in the Narthex. You may also give them to a member of the Care Team.





Happy New Year from the Finance Committee
We want to thank everyone for their support in 2017. As we struggled through the year in making decisions, we felt your support and prayers. Many times, we asked for more and you were always there for your church. We made good strides in 2017, but still face an uphill battle for 2018.
Finance Committee members have worked to trim the Financial Forecast for 2018 and will continue to do so. We will continue to keep you informed with financial postings in the Newsletter. Being good stewards of the churches money we are asking that all spending be approved before the purchase.
As you start making your News Years resolution’s for 2018 we ask that your church be on that list. We are asking for your support with prayers and continued financial support. We want to continue to advance the work of your church and saying thank you to God for all he provides for the community and us. Any amount given will only advance the work we do and fill you with Blessings and Gratefulness.
Dear Lord
Please bring prosperity to our church.
We ask that basic needs be filled, money for salaries, bills and the support of community projects.
We ask that you lead us in a direction not just about material needs, but uplifting ours souls, improving our lives and the lives of others.
Please help us to hold on to faith and find peace.
Help us to always to Love one another as you love us.
Help us to spread joy and happiness.
Lord hear our prayer.
God’s Blessings
Finance Committee