From the Pastor’s Desk – March 2019


Now that the Special General Conference 2019 is over, we can truly move forward especially a decision was made. The Traditional plan dominated over 3 other plans, the One Church Plan, the Connectional Plan, and the Simple Plan. Indeed, it was an overwhelming experience on my part, even if I was only an observer. There were other observers with me and they, too, felt the tension slowly building up. There were arguments, good ones, and bad ones. Clergy and lay like gladiators battling in the arena with fire and brimstone. Our Bishops, retired and active, became referees and equalizers from day one to the end. I commend every person who was there giving their time and effort to make the event organized and smooth-running. Yes, there
were moments of painful floor encounters and debates, but in totality, they all did a wonderful job.
But one observation that the General Conference did with consistency and dedication was PRAYER. The presider always sees to it that for every vote and decision they made, they all prayed for God’s will and intervention. If they were not intentional in praying, I believe it would have failed from its goal of conferencing. Thanks be to God, prayers were heard, keeping the UMCs biblical teachings and doctrines faithfully appointed. UMC stood its ground with all the rest of the UMCs globally. Lastly, talk about “In conversations?” Well, from what I saw, our church once again proved to be fair and truthful to the word of GOD. This is what I’d like to tell the world that our denomination listens to all of His people. We argue, disagree, resolve, debate, decide until such a time that all be in agreement. I believe this has helped the church to who we are as a body of Christ. And I give back the glory to our God. As I was about to leave the place, one observer expressed himself “What do we do now since a plan was passed?” I just said; “We continue to preach the word”. From what God showed me, “God’s Plan” was the main plan for all from the beginning.
God Bless,
Pastor Edward Granadosin

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